UniWake is the national student wakeboarding organisation of the UK, established in 2007 after the success of the first student nationals in 2006. We are back and re-branded after a few years off. A non-profit organisation, its aim is to get students involved in the wakeboarding, waterskiing and wakeskating community.

What We Do
UniWake unites over 30 wakeboard and waterski clubs around the country and brings them together for a calendar of events set throughout the year, providing students with the opportunity to ride both socially and competitively. Competitions are run for all abilities from complete beginner to advanced riders in the categories of Wakeboard, Water Ski,  Wakeskate and Kneeboard. We make wakeboarding and waterskiing accessible and affordable by getting the cheapest riding possible.

University is a great time to start something new and UniWake is here to encourage you to get involved. We do not ask for any membership fees, any student in attendance at any university in the UK is eligible to attend our events. If you need any further help to set up a university wakeboard club or help and advice in running yours don’t hesitate to ask.

How is Uniwake Run?
For students and run by students. Uniwake is made up of four teams of volunteers. They give their time and skills to help develop wakeboarding and raise the sport to new heights. Find out more about the current team.