So here we are, your Uniwake committee for 2015-16! Whether you just fancy a chat about the latest kit or have an amazing event idea that has to be shared, we would love to hear from you. Catch us at one of our events or see our contact details for ways to get in touch.



Name: Lara Mackey
Age: 21
Uni: University of York

Likes: Wakeboarding , Snowboarding, Trampolining, Boxing, Eating
Dislikes: Damp Wetsuits, Front Edges, Spiders, The Dentist
Best trick: Raley/ Krypt

What Superpower Would You Choose and Why?
Flying, so I’d never have to be stuck in traffic

About yourself: I’m in my 4th year and final year at York studying Electronic Engineering with Music Tech. When I was 15, my sister won wakeboarding lessons in a raffle so I convinced her to take me. I was definitely not a natural and couldn‘t get off the dock for ages, but watching all the other riders on the lake made me want to persevere. There was no wakeboarding club at York when I joined as a fresher so I started the club in my second year. I learnt that getting students to sign up for a new sport, especially in the cold Yorkshire winter, is a difficult task. All the hard work was definitely worth it after bringing a team to the nationals and all the other awesome Uniwake events. I hope I can help other clubs get started and grow and get involved with some Uniwake fun!


Vice President  

Name: Tom Barton
Age: 19
Uni: University of Southampton

Likes: Wakeboarding, Surfing, Snowboarding and Sailing
Dislikes: T90s and riding switch
Best Trick: Frontside Boardslide

What Superpower Would You Choose and Why?
Invulnerability so trying raleys and other new tricks doesn’t leave you broken.

About Yourself: I’m a second year software engineering student at Southampton University. I had only been wakeboarding a couple of times behind a boat before starting university. However during my first year I went pretty much every week to JBSki with my universities club whilst it was still warm enough. I’m certainly not a natural but I love being on the lake even if I can’t land the big tricks yet.
In my spare time I also run a business building websites. This year we will be redesigning the Uniwake website, giving the site a fresh look with the aim of being able to post much faster and get many more of you involved. Wakeboarding is a sport that many people have heard of but never had a chance to try. I hope we can continue to make the sport as accessible to everyone as possible and look forward to seeing you all at our events throughout the year.



Name: Dominic Marshall
Age: 19
Uni: University of York

Likes: Wakeboarding , Snowboarding, Biking, Music
Dislikes: Angel Delight, The Cold, Liverpool FC (As a dedicated Manchester United fan!)
Best Trick:  Half Cab Tail grab

What Superpower Would You Choose and Why?
Super Speed, Because getting to a wake park in three minutes, or Australia in an hour would be top!

About Yourself: I’m a second year doing BSc Music Technology and Applied Electronics. I have always been a keen lover of music with a rather eclectic taste, ranging from 1920’s blues with Robert Johnson to a bit of Glitch Step with Koan Sound. I make my own music and have done since I was 14. I grew up next to Lake Windermere in the Lake District and was knee boarding from the age of 3, and then skiing from the age of 5, I soon realised that with two left feet I needed one board with both feet strapped to. But by this point we had moved to Manchester with no water in sight. So when I came to York I quickly found YUwake and got involved. My first trip was Freshwake last year and I could hardly get off the dock. However some how a year on I am now a fully qualified BWSW System 2.0 Wake Boarding Operator and a slightly better boarder.



Name: Gillian Finnerty
Age: 23
Uni: University of Leeds

Likes: Snowboarding, wakeboarding, trampolining, nature, doughnuts and cats.
DislikesInjuries, sexism, war and spiders.
Best trick: Switch toeside frontside tail grab 180.

What Superpower Would You Choose and Why?
The power of teleportation so I don’t have to spend ages travelling everywhere

About yourself: I’m in my second year of a CDT (kind of an integrated Masters & PhD) in Bioenergy at Leeds after completing my Physics and Astrophysics Master’s Degree at Sheffield Uni. I started snowboarding and later wakeboarding whilst at Sheffield and I loved it. I was on committee for Sheffield Uni Snowboard Club for two years and also helped with the running of SheffWake. After a really fun year acting as sponsorship officer for Uniwake, and getting the nationals some ace prizes (including a free holiday for 2!) I am happy to continue in this position for another year, hoping to get the events bigger and better than before!


Social Media & Publicity

Name: Brad Beech
Age: 18

Likes: Wakeboarding , Snowboarding, Skateboarding, trampolining
Dislikes: Back edges, cold water, wet wetsuits
Best trick: Moby dick, Hs 900

What Superpower Would You Choose and Why?
Teleporting so I never have to drive anywhere.

About yourself: I’m currently in my 1st year of uni studying Physical Education. I Started wakeboarding when I was 12 years old and I fell in love with the sport straight away. living only 15 minutes away from Sheffield cable waterski, there was no problem getting there which I took advantage of as a kid everyday after school and at weekends. My biggest achievement in wakeboarding is getting ranked 6th in pro men at nationals and currently ranked 6th in Britain.