NEW team events, catagories and scoring are coming soon!


Here are the existing catagories:

Men’s A – Open – Any men can compete in this category.

Men’s B – Intermediate – If you’ve started learning air tricks and have up to and including 3 tricks then you can compete here. Likewise if you’ve learnt up to 360s or kicker inverts then you can compete here. If you have any handle pass inverts off the kicker or flats then you’re in As.

Men’s C – Rookie – Hitting features but not yet got any handlepass tricks or inverts then you can compete in Cs.

Women’s A – Open – any girls can compete in this category.

Women’s B – Intermediate – Hitting kickers and sliders but no handlepass tricks or inverts.

Women’s C – Basic surface tricks, hits on kickers and sliders up to and including straight airs on kickers and 50/50s on sliders.

Note – for the purpose of categorisation, tricks which would typically include a handle pass but don’t as they take off or land wrapped will be classed as handle passes.

These categories may be subject to change.

The judges reserve the right to determine the competitor’s category.